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Dear John

E-Mail to the Dragonhead, Johnny Kon 

Dear Johnny,

Did you finally get out?  Hope life is good...

Luis Sierra

Dear Luis,

Yes, I finally got out on June 28, just before they published The Dragonhead.  My life is good once again and I hope yours is too.  Happy New Year.

Johnny Kon

Dear Johnny,

I have just finished The Dragonhead and could not put it down.  Are you out now? Did they they let you back into Hong Kong? 
What happened to the Dragon Lady and the Ghost?

Cos Borelli
Hong Kong

Dear Cos Borelli,

I'm out now and living near you in Hong Kong.  The Dragon Lady is working for a law firm in New York, and the Ghost is dead, being poisoned by I-don't-know-who in La Paz. I wish you a Happy New Year.

Johnny Kon

Dear Johnny,

I enjoyed The Dragonhead very much. Thank you. If it weren't for you, how many people would know that the Big Circle was, at one point, planning to close its illegal shops and start legitimate businesses (selling matches and other things)?  

You were the boss of about half of the Big Circle.  But what about the other half?  Thanks.

Edwin L.

Dear Edwin,

The fact is, if you're boss of half the Big Circle then you're boss of the other half too.  There are so many contacts between the two halves!

Johnny Kon

Dear Johnny,

Congratulations on freedom.  I want to know if you are ever allowed back into North America and how you feel about being the man who created the world's largest, most efficient crime organization in history?

Marlon Ascott 

Dear Marlon,

I'm allowed into Canada and Mexico but not the United States.  I work in legitimate business now, but I don't regret my former life in the Big Circle.  

Johnny Kon

Dear Johnny,

Do you think you will stay in Hong Kong or move to Canada?
What kind of legitimate business?

Marlon Ascott

Dear Marlon,

My office is in Shanghai, and it will stay there.  We import rabbits from America and breed them on a hundred farms in China.  We use them for prescription drugs and DNA.

Johnny Kon

Dear Johnny,

This is such a load of b.s..  Why would someone of great stature bother with this ish. He would be using his time with his family, or making the money once again. And about the "rabbit" business, it's probably bull...and if it's true, the rabbits are probably stuffed with heroin.

F.M. Harder

Dear F.M. Harder,

It isn't b.s.  I can confirm that Johnny's in the rabbit business, and in these rabbits is DNA not heroin.  And Johnny's making money-- legitimately--once again.

John Sack

Dear Johnny,

Just finished reading the book about your life. Sounds as if you led a very interesting life. 


Dear Rich,

You're right.  It was a very interesting life and it still is.  I enjoy my wonderful life.

Johnny Kon

Dear Johnny,

You are the oldest of your brothers.  Me, I'm the youngest at age nineteen.  You found your meaning in life at an early age. It was to help your family out every way you could.  How hard was it for you to lead your family into a better life? 

One Love, 
Josue Herrera

Dear Josue,

I thought it my duty to help my brothers and sisters.  With my help they went from the mainland to Hong Kong and had a good life. To help others, particularly my own family members, gives me great enjoyment.

You are very young. At your age you have a good understanding
to put forward such a profound question.  I'm sure that you will have success in the future.  

Best regards,
Johnny Kon


Dear  Johnny

Hi Johnny.  You're one good guy.  I hope you have good wealth and good fortune in life.  What was the chances on becoming dragonhead?  One out of a million?  You must be really good to become dragonhead.


Dear Clickinback,

Well, there are 100,000 people in the secret societies and maybe fifty of them are dragonheads.  So I guess that's one out of 2,000.

Best regards.
Johnny Kon

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