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Dear John Sack,

I know you've heard a million times what a great book this is. I have to add one more to that million. Thank you for a fantastic book. 


Dear John Sack, 

The Dragonhead kept me riveted for the past ten days.  I think it's utterly brilliant.  The writing is unique and rises with consistency to sudden poetic heights.  The characters are vivid, thank you, and even though you tell how you did it in Sources, I still cannot fathom how you did it.

Is your life in danger? 

New York City

Dear Kristin,

Thank you for asking.  My life isn't in danger from the Chinese Mafia.  I'm under the Dragonhead's protection.

John Sack

Dear John Sack,

I am a 15-year old Chinese boy.   I have just finished reading The Dragonhead. It amazes me that a writer can write with such style in a non-fiction book.  

I would like to congratulate you for not talking a "patriotic" stand on Johnny Kon.  Usually American writers are so full of national pride that it gets in the way of clear thinking. After reading about the Dragon Lady, I am angered about her treatment of Johnny Kon, his family and girlfriend. How could a person do that to another person!

As Johnny once said to the Ghost, "We're gangsters, but also we're human beings!" So shouldn't the Dragon Lady treat Johnny as a human being? Unfortunately she doesn't.

My favorite part was when Johnny rescued the three swallows from the pitiless prison warden. What this action shows is his Buddhist repentance, where he begins to start a new path, a lighted path, a path toward goodness and, ultimately, salvation.  

 I am proud to say John Sack is my favorite writer and the one I most look up to.  

Cong Geng

Dear John Sack,

You're a unique writer who really puts your heart (your undiscriminating conscience and humanity) in the writing.  I enjoy the book so tremendously that I refuse my girl friend's irresistible flirtation to spend more intimate time with her. 

I am Chinese American and I'm from Shanghai.  There's no other writer who could touch my heart so much as you, the way you masterfully craft the language into vivid, colorful, explicit, 
three-dimensional pictures for every reader's pleasure. 

Dennis Liu

Dear Mr. Liu,

Thank you.  Please take my advice.  Put down the book.  Accept your girl friend's irresistible flirtation.  Pick up the book another day.  First things first.

John Sack

Dear John Sack,

Dragonhead is so well written.  You made each issue so interesting.   Thank you.

John and Blake Kennedy

Dear John Sack, 

Just finished reading The Dragonhead.  Thoroughly enjoyed it. Outside of the fact that Mr. Kon dealt in drugs, I really came to like him.  I think one of the things that contributed to his downfall was his extreme loyalty to his friends, relatives, and cohorts. 

Am looking forward to reading more of your books.  

C. Garigan

Dear John Sack,

Dragonhead is one of my favorite books.  It shows the Mr. Hyde side of the United States.

Risean Chung

Dear John Sack,

I just finished The Dragonhead and thought it was great. I especially enjoyed the thought processes of Mr. Kon. I am a criminal defense attorney and would like to correspond with Mr. Kon. Would you forward his mailing address? 

A.J. Bayne
San Pedro, California

Dear A.J. Bayne,

How about this?  Send an E-Mail to Johnny Kon and I'll forward it to him in China.  Unless you ask me not to, I'll also post it on this site.  

John Sack

Dear John Sack,

Hi.  I'd  like to read your other books.  Can you please tell me where I may find them?  

Celeste Garigan

Dear Celeste Garigan,

Thank you for asking.  Please click on "Other Books" or "Books About War" or "An Eye for an Eye" and follow their links.  Oh, it's even easier than that.  Amazon has them all.  

John Sack

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