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Dear John Sack,

I feel irrevocably and utterly that what you have written is true.

Shai Jauhari
New Delhi, India

Dear John Sack,

Thank God there are people like you who have the guts to tell the truth.

James Scott
Moscow, Russia

Dear John Sack,

You are full of shit and a disgrace to human kind!

The Lanzer Family

Dear John Sack,

Bless your efforts toward telling the truth!

Medford, Oregon

Dear John Sack,

Thank you for the truth.  You doing a great job.


Dear John Sack,

Thank goodness for brave writers like you, who are prepared to face the wrath of the Judeo/Christian establishment so as to get to some semblance of the truth.

Linda Heard
Athens, Greece

Dear John Sack,

Decency knows no flags, creeds or nationality.  I salute you!

David Salcido
Tucson, AZ

Dear John Sack,
I read An Eye for an Eye.  It was very politically incorrect.

Mark Tosolini
Melbourne, Australia

Dear John Sack,

I have profound respect for your moral conviction and courage. My hat is off to you. Congratulations.

Ron Kelley

Dear John Sack,

You are such a putz.  You cannot see what a total fool you are. Your obituary: 'Wrote a dubious historical book on post-war Jewish activities.'  Ah, what a putz. 


Dear John Sack,

I understand your take.  All of us have the potential for becoming monsters. 

Jake Barrow

Dear John Sack,

It shows that all people are able to be evil, no matter whether they're German, Polish, Russian or Jewish.

Jack Polanica

Dear John Sack,

You, through your ability to see people as people regardless of their acts, have a depth sadly lacking today. Hate begets hate, regardless of the original reason for it.

Dr. Fritze

Dear John Sack,

Sometimes I think that the future has no time left for the past.  Those who cling to retribution and retaliation are the bane of the future,  no matter how deserved their cause.

Mike Conner

Dear John Sack,

I'm curious how An Eye For an Eye was received by the Jewish community. I'm sure there was not much enthusiasm about it, but was there any hostility towards it or towards you?

Al Depasc

Dear Al Depasc,

Yes, there were some very hostile reviews, and I was called an anti-Semite and a neo-Nazi on the Charlie Rose Show. And there were some death threats

John Sack

Tick Tock,

Time is almost up. December 9, 2002. Know your enemy.

L.T. Beecham

Dear John Sack,

I would like to answer some of the idiots on the "Dear John" page.   John Sack is not denying the Holocaust happened. He is not saying that all Jews are evil. He is only writing about what some Jews did after the Holocaust.

Edan M.
KS, Israel

Mr. Sack!!!

How dare you print such slander?  This book should be banned.  I believe that all Germans were responsible for these great crimes and that they should never be forgiven. 

Why do you write such historical fiction? If you are a true Jew you would never print such information, even if it was true. I hope your website will be banned!

Miroslav Steinberg
New York

Dear John Sack,

People who insult you feel that being Jewish means to support unequivocally all things Jewish.   Same as Germans who were Nazi supporters in Hitler's time.  

I think that the likes of Mr. Miroslav Steinberg, who wants to shut down your site and ban your books, were very lucky to be born Jewish.  Many of them would have easily become Nazis themselves, being born, say, a German a century ago.

Alex Chaihorsky
Ex-Russian Jew
Reno, Nevada

Dear John Sack,

I am ashamed of those of my people who say "that all Germans were responsible for these great crimes and that they should never be forgiven" and who in the same sentence say that the Palestinians are responsible for what Jews are doing to them. 

Manfred C. Stricker 

Dear John Sack,

Of course the prevailing spirit would be hostile to your book, with its inconvenient snapshots of a complex time that can only unsettle the simplistic and enrage the mendacious. 

David Scholem

Dear John Sack,

I read An Eye for an Eye and some of the criticism leveled at it by Dr. Goldhagen.  I found most of Goldhagen's criticism to be sesquipedalian nonsense.  Like his book, it consists mostly of a great many well-assembled fragments that are combined into a rickety skyscraper that is too high to stand up. 

I do have one important criticism. You present this as a book of Jewish revenge and Jewish redemption, but I am unconvinced by the redemption side.  The great bulk of your evidence of Jewish changes of heart comes from the perpetrators.  What I'd have liked to see would have been some serious substantiation. 

This aside, I offer my congratulations on a fine work and my admiration for the courage it took to publish it. 

Chris Crawford 

Dear Chris Crawford,

Thank you.  One day in Gliwice, Poland, one of Lola's guards (a Polish Catholic) and my interpreter and I were having lunch at the Hotel Leszny.  On his own initiative, and on audio tape, the guard told us of Lola's change of heart, of Lola's suddenly caring for Germans, of Lola's redemption.  

Another guard (another Polish Catholic) confirmed it.

John Sack

Dear John Sack,

You should be pals with that other twister of history, John Sobran.  Sobran is writing what should be known as the American version of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, that scurrilous book of Jew hating!  Maybe you could write the introduction!

Ted Orbiman

Dear John Sack,

This is a very interesting read, and I say shame upon those who act like idiots in response.


Dear John Sack,

All killings of innocents are wrong, so how can historians ignore the horrible treatment of German civilians after the conclusion of World War II? Selective indignation is not genuine.

Ken Moerschel

Dear John Sack,

The Nazi-like actions against you and your book are not only despicable but are un-American. The publishers who caved in are craven appeasers. 

Joe Biernacki

Dear John Sack

You were invited to give a speech at the U.S. Holocaust Memoria Museum. Given the nature of your writings, which do not reflect the popular scenario of Jews as victims, why would they even consider inviting you? 


Dear Mike,

The U.S. Memorial Holocaust Museum has had programs about the Armenian genocide, the Yugoslavian genocide, and many other (I'm sorry to say) genocides. It made sense to everyone at the Museum to have a program on the German genocide--made sense, that is, to everyone but the director, who canceled it and was then canceled himself. 

John Sack

So Sack,

This is the oldest form of anti-Semitic propaganda.  You are practically copying The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. In fact, you could be charged with plagiarism. 

What is gruesomely interesting is that you are supposed to be Jewish.  If you are Jewish (and I doubt it) the question in my mind is, What turned you against your own people?  Did a Jewish person cheat you?  Did your Jewish schoolmates beat you up?  Or did you see the "way" and accept Christianity?  If you are Jewish, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Ted Orbiman 

Dear John Sack,

An Eye for an Eye is a very good book.  I think its a shame that some people criticize and attack you for it.  It's quite an irony that those who claim to hate Nazis are not at all reluctant to emulate them in seeking to deny a person his right to express his own view.

Justin Yacovacci

Dear John Sack,

I must compliment you for the good will to dig out the truth that has been hidden for a too long time.

Gian Franco Spotti
Soragna, Italy

Dear John Sack,

It's stupid to live in the past and dwell on historical sins to the
detriment of living today.  But it's important to learn to avoid repeating the atrocities of the past.  Speaking truth to power is the only way to stop the hate machine.  Something you do quite well.

Raymond Voigt

Dear John Sack,

There is an ominous, frightening aspect to An Eye for an Eye.  Such suffering would normally instill some sense of compassion. But what [the Jews] inflicted provided a sense of pleasure and gratification that far exceeds the bounds of hatred and revenge.

Sydney Harris

Dear Sydney Harris,

Take heart.  Ninety-nine percent of the Jews who escaped from the Holocaust, like ninety-nine percent of the Jews in An Eye for an Eye at Lola's three homes in Gleiwitz, had compassion for the Germans.

John Sack

Dear John Sack,

I am disappointed at the accolades of Jurgen Graf. I thought he was a rational revisionist. How one can hope that you, who wallows in oral testimonies, would ever disbelieve in gas chambers?

Polina Borowska

Dear John Sack,

My problem is not your book. My problem is your appearing at conferences featuring scumbag Holocaust deniers.  You will associate with any Jew-hating maggot just to get publicity for yourself.  You will do anything for money.

William Foltag

Dear William Foltag,

I do appear at those conferences, and I always tell the people there that they're wrong. Someone has to tell them, and if no one else will, then I will.

John Sack

Dear John Sack,

Isn't it kinda funny as soon as you write the truth about the Jews you're deemed a Nazi when the Jews in fact have been spreading lies throughout their existence.  I pray that you and all of the white race will never bow down to the Jew race ever.


Dear Tony,

Well, let's understand this. I'm in the "jew race" and proud to be.  So are my agent, editor and publisher, and we all tell the truth. 

John Sack

Dear John Sack,

What I want the world to get from your book is that no society is beyond reproach.  Jewish people don't need to read this book.. Antisemites don't need to read this book.  All people need to read this book! 


Dear John Sack,

Can I buy this book?

Geoffrey Temple

Dear Geoffrey Temple,

A new, revised, updated and illustrated edition of An Eye for an Eye is now available at Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com and--if you ask--at your local bookstore.  

John Sack

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